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Biological scrubber

With over 7 years of extensive research and pilot testing in actual industrial settings, Crosstek has developed a proven biotechnology, X-BIOS, to provide an alternative reliable and cost effective pollution control. Crosstek is the pioneer in biotechnology for odour abatement.

X-BIOS uses selected micro-organism inoculated on special packing media to remove contaminant compounds. The microbes either as a single organism or as consortia have a high degradation efficiency with respect to a wide range of VOC and odour-forming compounds. These compounds are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water by the action of microbial enzymes which allow the microbes to use the contaminants as a source of energy for cell growth.






No chemical use

No nutrient addition for most applications

Long media life sustained with multiple treatment areas

Capable of handling contaminant surge loadings

Virtually maintenance free

Compact, space-saving footprint

Very low energy and operating costs

Complete breakdown of odor compounds

Sustainable, reliable, and proven technology




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