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Drinking water treatment


Crosstek has a wide range of experience in potable water treatment for both surface and ground waters using a variety of techniques.


Crosstek provides innovative and economical solutions to the treatment of raw water for factories, resorts, schools, homes and other domestic uses. We design and manufacture a complete selection of water treatment system to produce safe and high quality drinking water that meets the stringent WHO standard.



Standard water treatment plant

Standard water treatment plant typically includes all pre and post treatment, ancillary and supporting equipment, as interconnected subsystems. These systems are custom-built to the clients' requirements and may be multiple train. 



Packaged water treatment plant

The packaged water treatment plant is a self-contained complete packaged water treatment in the form of stainless steel container capable of processing turbid water of colloidal suspension and colour to produce clear drinking water up to WHO requirement.

This unique package plant is most applicable where the requirement calls for an economical treatment plant that is portable, readily available, easy to operate, minimal maintenance, quick to install and commission without the need for a long lead time and extra expense to construct a fixed plant with treatment house and other civil works.





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