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Wastewater treatment
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Industrial wastewater
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Industrial wastewater treatment

There are several types of industrial wastewater, originating from processes in

  • Mining industry
  • Food and dairy industries, slaughter houses and breweries
  • Pulp & paper industry
  • Steel industry (pickling and electroplating baths)
  • Textile industry (dyeing)
  • Petroleum refinery
  • Surface water treatment chemicals production.

Technology advancements range from conventional treatment such as clarification and filtration processes to highly developed treatment such as membrane separation techniques. In order to treat wastewater, it is generally necessary to combine a number of basic processes, which may be physical, chemical or biological in nature.

Typically, any wastewater treatment techniques consist of the Main Treatment process, preceded by a Pre-Treatment scheme and followed by a Post Treatment process. Wastewater effluents can be further treated in downstream Polishing Loops. Treatment schemes are largely dependant on the Applications encountered in different Industries.

Crosstek offers a range of consultancy and engineering services relating to the design, installation, enhancement, refurbishment and replacement of wastewater treatment plants.

Crosstek is able to identify proven cost effective solutions for new and improvements to existing wastewater treatment schemes.



An overview of wastewater treatment

  Wastewater Treatment
Technology Typical Unit Processes

Pre- Treatment


Suspended Solids Removal

Liquid-Liquid Separation
(Oil Removal)

Chemical Treatment

Main Treatment

Organic Pollutants Removal (Fermentation)

Aerobic Treatment
Anaerobic Treatment
Bacterial Oxidation-Reduction
  Color Removal Adsorption
Membrane Separation

Post- Treatment

Chemical Treatment

pH Adjustment
  Disinfection Oxidation

Polishing (Recycling)

Membrane Separation




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