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Dynamic olfactometer

The Croscent is a proprietary technology developed by Crosstek and is a leading-edge innovation in the field of olfactometry. It is fully-automated and computerized to provide scientific, reliable and accurate odour measurements.

Analysis Method

Binary Forced Choice and Ascending Concentration Series Method

In the binary forced choice method, the odour assessor performs the odour evaluation task by sniffing the diluted odour from the olfactometer. The assessor sniffs two sample presentations, one of which contains the odour while the other is a blank. The assessor must then select the one that is different from the other and indicate whether the selection is a "Guess", "Inkling" or "Certain".

Accurate and Efficient Measurement
The Croscent incorporates the latest flow controls technology to achieve precise dilution ratio of the gases before it is presented to the odour assessors. The odour evaluation process is designed to operate in a systematic and efficient manner. It has a high throughput rate of up to 4 - 6 odour samples per hour with a panel of 6 trained odour assessors.

Simple Operation and Multimedia Enhanced
The Croscent is designed to be operated with ease. The software is user-friendly and enhanced with multimedia to direct the odour measurement systematically.

Large Dilution Range
The Croscent uses two dilution modes of operation to allow a big range of dilution from 4 to 200,000.

Direct Sample Delivery
The odour sample is directly transferred from the sampling bags through compression in a pressure vessel without using a pump. This eliminates possible contamination of the sample.



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