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Sampling accessories

Sampling accessories

Crosstek developes a range of sampling accessories for field sampling and collection of air for laboratory analysis and odour measurement.

The sampling accessories are made of high grade, chemically inert materials approved by the US and European standards.


Sampling bag

Sampling bags are commonly used to collect and transport air samples for later laboratory analysis. Samples are analyzed as soon as possible, but in practice this may involve storage for up to 12-24 hr after sampling.

Crosstek produce disposable Nalophan sampling bag for collection and storage of air. The Nalophan bag is made of chemically inert material and air sample stored in Nalophan bag is relatively stable for more than 12 hours.

Nalophan bag is recommended for odour sampling because it has the following properties::

Very low background odour

Do not adsorb or react with the odorous gases

Store air samples without significant loss of odour compounds up to 24 hours

Strong and robust

Low cost and good for one-time use

Nalophan bag comes in standard 40 L capacity. Other capacities are also available on request.

Sampling kit

Crosstek develops portable sampling kit comprising of a train of Teflon tubings, stainless steel fittings and portable Teflon air pump. The sampling kit is battery operated and is suitable of field collection of air samples for later laboratory analysis.




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