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Odour neutralizer

Crosstek Odour Neutralizer is made from proprietary compounds of select natural oils. These botanical extracts provide a natural solution for the treatment of numerous odours.

These organic, naturally-occurring essential oils are extracted from the seeds, bark, roots, leaves, flowers, wood, balsam, resin, and fruit of plants.

The formulations are pH neutral, non-hazardous and biodegradable. They do not affect the existing biological activity or accumulate in soils or streams and will not harm the environment. None of the products are enzyme-based or contain bio-stimulants and will not lead to fat/grease hydrolysis or process carry-over.

Depending on their intended use, the products contain other carrier components as solvents, propylene glycol, alcohols and vegetable oils. Surfactants are also sometimes added to enhance water solubility. All products are infinitely soluble in the treated media (solids, fats, water, oil or fuel bases).

All the ingredients employed in our product formulations are non-hazardous at use and most are not regulated for transportation.

The odour neutralizer is applied using the following dispensing system.

Automated misting system

Dry vapour system



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