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Ozone is a very powerful oxidant because the gas molecule O3 is unstable allowing it to readily decay into O2 thereby releasing a single oxygen atom that is highly reactive. When it comes into contact with a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) or an odour the free oxygen atom reacts with the VOC oxidising it into a harmless or non odorous substances that are predominantly CO2 and H2O.

As each of these reactions occur the amount of ozone present continuously reduces until all the ozone has decayed back to the original normal bi-atomic oxygen making it a safe and environmentally friendly with no harmful residues. As the ozone molecule is unstable even if none of these reactions occur the ozone (O3 ) rapidly reverts back to oxygen (O2 ).

Crosstek ozone system utilizes a cold cathode electrode design and a high voltage/low frequency power supply to create the corona discharge (CD) to generate ozone. As oxygen molecules pass through the corona, they are separated into single atoms of oxygen which then recombine creating a high percentage of ozone.

Our system allows for customization/expansion to easily accommodate individual customer needs. The modular design provides ease of maintenance and customization to various size/performance requirements.




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